• Ex Master Mariners having sailing experience from 12 – 15 year individually.
  • Experts in LNG, Oil & Chemical tanker operations.
  • Trading in Petroleum and Petrochemical products (middle and light distillates, gasoline blending components, anti oxidants, biofuels & molasses)
  • Commercial Operation & Management of Ships for a NYSE listed company.
  • Ex Senior Executive Engineer (M) with Mumbai port trust
  • Ex Deputy Chief Accounts Officer with Mumbai Port trust.
  • Additionally, we have experienced consultants who work on project basis on ship building, project cargoes, feasibility studies, etc.
  • With close to 100 years of collective experience among partners, we can provide in-depth analysis of a project and adjust for potential future problems.

Services We Offer

  • Loading Arm Installation
    Pump Commissioning
    Survey & Certification
    Surveys & Equipment
  • Port and Terminal Development & Management
    Brokerage and Chartering