LNG as Marine Fuel & Bunkering – Course duration 2 days

The course is designed for those who require a deeper understanding of using LNG as a marine fuel, the associated bunkering operation and the management of LNG bunker tanks.

The course provides the introduction to LNG and its use as a marine fuel, and focuses on the safety and stages of the bunkering operation, gas fuelled engines, the management of the LNG bunker tanks while in service and emergency response actions.

  • Introduction to LNG
  • The drivers for using LNG as a fuel
  • Properties of LNG
  • Hazards of LNG
  • Regulations applicable to the use of LNG as a fuel
  • Types of tank used for the storing of LNG
  • LNG Bunker delivery methods
  • Safe Bunkering
  • The Bunkering Operation
  • Gas Fuelled Engines
  • Management of LNG Fuel Tanks
  • Gas Measuring Instruments
  • Emergency Response