LNG STS – Course duration 2 days

LNG Ship to Ship (STS) course is designed for all officers and personnel who will work on board vessels that will perform STS operations, particularly for LNG Carriers. It is also relevant for those persons who will be responsible for the safe planning and preparation of the STS operations including Port and harbour authorities, STS service companies and Ship Management Superintendents.
The course will also be suitable for anybody in the LNG industry who wishes to acquire a better understanding of STS operations and the equipment and processes used.
The main areas of focus include the reasons for undertaking STS and then the procedures for the preparation, planning and risk assessments that have to be implemented, taking into account the roles and responsibilities of all parties and the responses that may have to be implemented in the event of an emergency. The course includes comparisons between the operations conducted in both the LNG and Oil industries and why there may be differences in approach.

  • Reasons for an STS
  • Applicable Regulations
  • Roles & responsibilities of those involved
  • Risk assessment
  • STS planning and equipment
  • Mooring operations and the associated risks
  • LNG transfer operations including case studies
  • STS best practices including a comparison between the industries
  • Emergency response planning
  • Risk assessment workshop
  • Emergency response workshop
  • Case studies