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About Us

Crystal Ocean was born to fervent endeavours conducted by individuals. These individuals have hands on experience as Mariners and Engineers. Expertise of these will oversee the training of newcomers. Candidates will be guided for LNG operations at sea.
  Our experts are well-versed in
  Ship auditing
  Commercial operations
  Technical operations
  Compatibility study
  Port-related activities

They have indulged in arduous efforts to create Full Mission LNG-training solution that offers extensive training and support to our clients.
We take it as our utmost duty, to unleash the talents of seafarers, surmounted by the challenges sea poses to them. Hence Crystal Ocean has designed in-house Full mission LNG simulator. Along with several other training programs. Our Veterans will guide to face harsh environment at sea.


Crystal Ocean is a brainchild of Capt. Amit Choudhary. He is a veteran with extensive experience. Has handled various tasks on LNG carriers. He is in LNG field for more than one and a half-decade.

He was one of the active participants in the shipboard team, which planned and executed successfully the first-ever LNG STS operation. A few areas in which he specialises are:-
LNG yard deliveries
LNG dry docking
Single tank operation and many more combinations.

He has conducted several LNG projects as Master. Furthermore, his expertise has gained him ISO 9001:2015 lead auditor certification; and recognised as one of the finest auditors by DNV-GL. He has audited numerous gas carriers, for navigation, cargo, mooring and ISM.
Besides these achievements, he has developed a realistic Full mission LNG simulator for operations on membrane-type LNG carriers, an electronic audit checklist system, advanced gas course programs, manuals, ERP etc.

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